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Quality always beats quantity – especially when it comes to Facebook marketing. That’s why we place the emphasis on the word ‘relevant’.


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You don’t have to wait a full month in order to see if our methods work. Actually, first noticeable results usually occur after only a few hours.


Age, Gender, Location, Interest, Behavior and more

We can target your audience based on these categories, so we know who is interested with the business you are offering.’


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Since we present your ads to your targeted audience, we make sure every single cents spend on your ads will have the best return of investment!


Building your Database

As we create your ads and reach your audience, we’re building your database and growing your business.


More Followers = Less Work for You

Our job doesn’t end when you get those first few thousands of leads. In fact, that’s when the real work starts. We will make it possible to convert those leads into buyers.’.


We Keep an Eye on Everything

New leads, new clients… Our team of experts will take their time to understand these numbers, and then act accordingly.


Sit Back and Enjoy

We do all the hard work so you don’t have to. Focus on the core side of your business that you like to do best, while we do the client acquisitions to grow your business.

Why Facebook

2.4 billion

Interactions being generated between businesses and people in the country

2.4+ billion

Active Users


Engagement rate across India

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